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Massage Chair vs. Hydromassage

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Massage is an ancient way to get relaxation. With the alternation of everything, technology has changed the methodology of massage. The massage also converted into many modernized ways to meet the intense workouts of a busy and challenging life. Review for Massage Chair vs Hydromassage.
Massage chairs and hydromassage both are modernized ways to get a massage. Both ways relaxed the body, provide relief to sore and tense muscles. Unless going to any professional therapist, you can get a massage at home.
A massage chair is a medically approved device and becoming popular with employing more new techniques and features. As compare to hydromassage is an open bed where the client lies with full clothes.

How does a massage chair work?

Massage chairs contain many features as a computer or motor system. It is an electrical device that works to give relaxation to the human body. A variety of massage chairs are available in the market at different costs and comprise distinctive features. The massage chair provides warmth as the traditional massage contains. Traditional massage chairs used massage rollers to give a massage. The modern massage chair comprises vibrating features that create heat with the massaging rollers that possess therapeutic effects. The massage chair also provides compression massage with the utilization of airbags that inflate and deflate the air. These airbags give a perfect massage to the body.

How does hydromassage work?

Hydromassage consisted of warm water jets instead of rollers or airbags. This massage product shapes like an open bed while it gives you the comfort of a warm water tub without getting wet. Any one of you has experienced the ever use of the hot tub for relaxing the body. The hydromassage also provides you comfort, as the hot water tub offers you. 

Hydromassage same beneficial as the therapist massage, but it modernizes with additional features. 

During the hydromassage session, you lie on the hydro bed wearing full clothes. Powerful waves of water jets provide comfort to your body underneath the waterproof mattress. A hydromassage is very easy to use when you lie on it, press the green buttons. To create the perfect massage, you can adjust the pressure, area, and speed. A touch screen is available in front of you that possesses features of hydromassage. A touch screen allows one to watch videos, play games, and can serve the internet, or you can close your eyes during the massage session. 

Hydromassage devices are available in many models like tables and chairs. Although, table massages are the most common. A hydro table massage is equivalent to a home massage. 

Difference between the massage chair and hydro massage 

Shortly, both massage devices are medically approved and highly effective. Before purchasing these products, you must be aware of the pros and cons of these devices. 

Hydromassage products are more expensive. Its full-size table and chairs comprise complexion technology almost out of the range of the people. 

The affluence of surveys proves the benefits of the massage chair, while it belongs to a traditional massage, chair massage, or hydromassage. All kinds of massage are beneficial for health. These massages relax the body, minimize the stress level, and are helpful to get relief in pain or headaches. 

Hydromassage is very effective on muscles spasms. Although, it is not a complete cure. It accommodates severe attacks and reduces the frequency. The massage chairs comprise the rollers technology that provides massage to the body via warmth, heat. 

Benefits of Hydromassage

Hydromassage gives you perfect massage therapy. Its benefits discuss as follow:

  • Relaxes the body
  • Fresh up the mood
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Relief pain (lower back, neck, shoulder, knees)
  • Sort out the chronic pain (fibromyalgia and headaches)
  • Post-exercise relief
  • Recommended in gyms and fitness clubs
  • Manage the muscles aches and fatigue
  • Increases the blood circulation

Most possible hydromassage side effects:

Despite being worthful massage equipment, hydromassage not safe for every person. Hydromassage denied for pregnant women. For also one who has high blood pressure (hypertension) and for bleeding disorders. 

Unless the doctor’s advice does not use the hydro massage. Such massage could be harmful to joint injuries and fractured bones. 

Some suggested conditions mentioned that could be harmful to the patients. 

  • Hydromassage can burn the body in case of too hot water. 
  • Worse skin rashes in case of eczema or other inflammatory condition
  • Wounds can start bleeding.
  • Nerve injuries
  • Fractures
  • Over-age people and specifically osteoporosis
  • Blood clot

Benefits of massage chair

A massage chair uses three to four times a week, its lower back and neck pain. It also overcomes the anxiety. A physical therapy and massage chair both provides comfort to your body and increase your working power. Beside this! Excess use of a massage chair can be harmful to you. A massager got chronic muscle and back pain. These massage chairs authorize by FDA and American Chronic Association as medical devices. It is a masterpiece of engineering that provides massage to the entire body. The use of a massage chair is better than the use of a chiropractic supplement. 

Medically health gains of a massage chair:

Medically proves a massage chair is a miracle for the body that relaxes your body when you are ineffectual to perform the daily tasks of the busy life. 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Cause to relax the sore and loose muscles
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Bestow the strength to the immune system
  • Stimulates the lymphatic hormones
  • Cause to relieve the pain or headache
  • Reduces the spinal cord pressure
  • Generate more flexibility
  • Maintain the blood pressure level
  • Reduces the depression
  • Manage the chronic pains
  • Gives deep relaxation
  • Lower the pulse rate
  • Stimulate the metabolism


Massage Chair vs. Hydromassage

A traditional massage chair overcomes the soreness of the muscles and stress, while hydro massage devices are helpful in specific issues. A massage chair comprises simple technology. On the other hand, the hydromassage contains sophisticated technology and designs. Hydromassage devices gain complicated mechanisms that can create Maintenance problems for you.

 All in all, after researching the massage chair and hydromassage, the massage chair is more convenient in use and affordable in a versatile range that is available on the market. Both massaging types of equipment provide comfort to the human body and medically recommended devices. 

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