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Massage Chair vs. Real Massage

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Massage chairs and the real message both contain health benefits and provides comfort to the human body. Both the massage chair and a therapeutic massage have their advantages. As you know, a massage chair is an electric chair that could not understand the demand of the massager while a therapist can analyze your pain and provides you comfort compare to a massage chair. A therapist touches your skin, provides warmth to your body. Massager gets the taste of touch and feels relax as compare to massage chairs. Here is the review for Massage Chair vs Real Massage

 A massage chair is more developed as it modernizes with the technology and comprises abundant health benefits. It can help in the weight loss process. Besides this, it encourages blood circulation, maintains the sugar level and blood pressure, and assists the digestive system. A massage chair uses three to four times a week, its lower back and neck pain. It also overcomes the anxiety. A physical therapy and massage chair both provides comfort to your body and increase your working power. 

Remember! Excess use of a massage chair can be harmful to you. A massager got chronic muscle and back pain.


Massage chair benefits

These massage chairs authorize by FDA and American Chronic Association as medical devices. It is a masterpiece of engineering that provides massage to the entire body. The use of a massage chair is better than the use of a chiropractic supplement. These chairs comprise multiple strength, heat, vibration, and customizable programming features. Each massage chair has a remote that controls the features of the massage chair. Once you turn on the power of the massage chair, it starts to give the massage. The massage chair provides massage one by one to your entire body muscles. If you have pain in any specific area, you can set more timing on the affected area with the help of remote. 

Additional benefits of massage chair

The massage chair and the therapist’s massage cannot be equal. Both are a source of relaxation. 

  • If you take a therapist massage three times a week, while you get the therapy of the massage chair four times a week, the annual cost of therapists must be greater than a massage chair’s cost. 
  • It uses in any place, offices, homes, etc. 
  • This massage chair saves time and provides you instant comfort. 
  • It also increases the credibility of your work. 

 Medically health benefits of a massage chair:

Medically proves a massage chair is a miracle for the body that relaxes your body when you are ineffectual to perform the daily tasks of the busy life. 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Cause to relax the sore and loose muscles
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Bestow the strength to the immune system
  • Stimulates the lymphatic hormones
  • Cause to relieve the pain or headache
  • Reduces the spinal cord pressure
  • Generate more flexibility
  • Maintain the blood pressure level
  • Diminishes the depression
  • Treat the chronic pains
  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Lower the pulse rate
  • Strengthen the metabolism

How a massage chair work?

The massage chair relying on the mimic technology where the hand motion airbags and rollers fix that provides warmth. Massage chair follows the pattern of vibration. When it vibrates under the muscles, it releases its pain and stress. The absolute time of these chairs is between two to fifteen minutes. Maximum 15 minutes are enough to provide massage to the entire body, while if you caught severe pain in any specific area, you must set more timing on the painful muscles to get better results. 

Benefits of a real massage 

Massage therapy bestows multiple health benefits to your body. Therapuetic Massage relaxes your body tissues, decreases your nerve compression, generates flexibility into joint movements. In addition to this, massage minimizes body pain and improves multiple body functions. A gentle massage for few minutes brought unbelievable change into your life, increases your working efficiency. 

Furthermore, Experts recommends a person should take a massage one time in three weeks to minimize the stress level. Massage helps to generate new tissues and releases the stress of intensive workouts. 

In short words, real massage provides the same health benefits as the massage chair gives. The survey proves people feel more relaxed after taking the therapeutic massage as compare to a massage chair. Professional massage most conveniently analyses the stress and pain of the massager. 

What should we do after the massage?

  • Massage increases blood circulation and hydrates the muscles tissues. Thus massager should drink water after having a massage. 
  • Eat some healthy food
  • Take a rest for the relaxation of muscles. 
  • Take a bath
  • Must pay attention to your body’s reaction. 

Effects of traditional massage on the human body

Traditional massage comprises the same benefits as the massage chair provides. Consequently, as massage therapy overcomes stress and anxiety, the massage chair is unable to do it. It overcomes the entire hormones or stress like adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine. Research indicates these stress hormones impair the immune system. Some additional benefits of massage are below: 

  • Reduces the muscular tightness
  • Develop the circulatory system
  • Encourages the lymphatic system
  • Improved the joining movement
  • Refined the skin tone
  • Recover the injuries of the soft tissues
  • Strengthen the mental sharpness
  • Reduces the depression and anxiety

Therapeutic massage to treat some human body disorders

Experts emphasize massage to treat the certain disorders in the human body that are listed: 

  • To cure the chronic lower back pain
  • Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS)
  • Insomnia
  • Therapeutic massage is effective in life-supporting like treating cancer


Massage Chair vs. Real Massage

In a comparison of real massage with the massage chair, both comprise an abundance of health benefits. Both treat stress and anxiety and relax the muscles. Human massage is more effective for humans and gives more benefits as compared to a massage chair. The therapeutic massage is not available every time as the massage chair is available. Both massage treatments sort out the body’s stress. 

An expert therapeutic can give you a proper massage, while a non-professional therapeutic can cause pain, inflammation, etc. Although, a massage chair performs its functions according to proper format. If it does not sort out chronic pain issue could not be harmful to you, as a non-professional therapeutic can be. 

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