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Should I buy a Massage Chair? Massage Chair vs massage therapist

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Massage therapy is the oldest way to relaxing the body and mind. Massage helps you to get relief from the pain of your neck, and shoulders. It relieves stress, anxiety, also stimulates the circulatory system. Massage therapy is very beneficial for desk workers. Desk workers perform physical taxing jobs, which caused stress, pain, imbalance accumulation in the shoulders, neck, and back. Lets us look into Massage Chair vs massage therapist.

Massage therapy can sort out these issues, but you do not have a massage facility every time. Resultant, a massage chair can solve the therapy problem. You can use it in stress, pain, or to sort any other pain issue. A massage chair can consider a part of the furniture. It contains a lot of relaxing features to provide comfort to your body. It gives massage to your upper and lower parts of the body. If you feel more stress on your shoulders, then set the position toward your shoulders to get more massage on your shoulder to get relief from the horrible pain. It also contains a heating feature. When it gives massage to the body, it generates heat that stimulates the blood circulatory system, releases stress, and encourages the beneficial hormones.

Massage also helps to provide more oxygen to muscles and accommodates to carry away lactic acid from the body. When lactic acid departs from your body, you feel relief from the pain. A chair massage procedure helps you to carry out the free radicles and toxins from the body to stabilize the immune system. Decent rubbing on the back flushes out the lymphatic framework, giving it more space to keep us very much safeguarded from microorganisms and to feel revived, subsequently dumping the bio-load that overloads our frameworks. Fitness regarding most persons uses regular massage. Massage therapy not available at every place.

We take the example of a massage chair, which is portable, convenient, and time-saving. By containing lots of advantages, massage chairs are becoming a popular device. No doubt, massage chair comprises astonishing benefits, after getting through these advantages you must buy a massage chair. Here some reasons to buy a massage chairs discuss that you must consider before buying a massage chair.

Reasons to buy a massage chair

70% of adults suffer from back pain. In particular, every person having stress and anxiety. Getting a massage is an amusing, relaxing method and comprises abundant health benefits. 

Fitness Benefits

Do you have the experience of getting a massage in a spa or physiotherapist? After the massage, did you feel calm and relief feeling? A massage chair provides you the same feelings at home. I want to mention the experience of a customer. Who tried a massage chair at a state fair? He was surprised when his chronic back pain had finished in a day. When he woke up, his backbone pain has vanished. At last, he bought a massage chair from us. Now, he completely forgot about his pain. 

The massage chair strengthens the immunity system, regulates blood circulation, encourages the beneficial hormones, discourages and carries away the harmful acids and hormones from the body. A massage chair is a treasure of health. That relaxes your body to perform daily difficult tasks and prepares you for new targets to perform. If you use the regular massage of massage chairs, you get positive and long-term effects on your every walk of life. 

Save money

Owning a massage chair is an appreciative method to save money. You want to get a massage from a therapist regularly. You spend around about $50 to 120 for an hour massage, which is expensive to consider. Massage therapy might be effective for you when it performs multiple times a week, if you get one message in a week whose cost is $75, and if you make these calculations annually, you will pay $3,600 in a year. That would not repay you.

If you invested money in the massage chair, you get your investment back in the form of lots of health benefits, which you only get with the massage by using the massage chair. Your whole family could get the massage benefits, which are cheap in respect of paying a therapist. You give 15 minutes from your daily routine to massage your body 3 to 5 times a week.

Getting a massage at home saves your time

Massage chair’s additional benefit it saves your time, when you get free from the daily routine of hard work, may it concern with housewife, a desk worker, and a laborer needed a relaxing therapy. You could not get any physical therapy at night, and then a massage chair is the best option for you. It saves your time and gives you relief from pain on the spot. In this busy life, people do not have sufficient time to look after themselves, a massage chair that releases your working stress, and you also enjoy other additional health benefits. It helps you to provide proper sleep. When you sleep in the right way, then you can perform next-day tasks efficiently. 

Imagine that anxiety and pain will go away and provide you with your day before your pajamas have even been modified. Or consider coming home from your date and getting into your back chair to soothe aching fingers, and you should not make an appointment, discover an educator for children, or run a meeting to be there before the last time.

Additional benefit encourages you to buy a massage chair

  • A massage chair reduces the pressures on nerves, and aligns the spinal cords, and provoking back pain, and also helps you to improve your posture. 
  • A deep massage becomes you more energetic than before. When it stimulated blood circulation, supply nutrients to muscles and tissues. Your respiratory system becomes recovered.
  • A chair’s massage increased the number of lymphocytes, which are effective cells to boost the immunity system. Consequently, the immunity system automatically improves and gives strength to combat infections. 
  • Regular use of massage chair reduces migraine issues, which is becoming a medical issue today. When nerves and muscles work efficiently, you get rid of headaches and migraine attacks. 

Massage Chair vs Massage therapist

Massage therapy is the most effective for human health. You have two options 1st physiotherapy, 2nd is a massage chair. If you are considering which the best option for you is, this research will accommodate you for physiotherapy or the massage chair. What is the difference between them and who is most effective for you?  

Difference between the real massage and massage chair

A chair massage and a conventional therapy each comprise their benefits. A massage chair is a mechanical machine. In any case, its innovation has progressed significantly since its presentation during the 1950s.

Now, many massage chairs FDA approved and used as medical devices. Some are organized by American Chiropractic Association (ACA) consider appendices of chiropractic therapy. However, all chairs are not equal in quality could not deliver the therapeutic massage. You are willing to invest in a high-quality massage chair to confirm its effectiveness. You were surprised after getting the massage benefit at your home. 

Remember, a machine could not perform such tasks which a human can do. This phenomenon leads us to our first difference. 

Human touching

No doubt, massage chairs, and regular massage are beneficial for human wellness. However, a human touch contains the most health benefits. University of Miami School of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute proves a tough you receive during the therapy comprises positive benefits which have long and lasting expressions. The touch must be pleasant and gentle to feel. If the touch is unbearable, then it can be harmful to you, can damage your muscles and tissues. But if we consider the massage chair, that gives massage with equal rotations and provides heat to all muscles and relaxed sorted areas to relax the body.

Maintenance of privacy

 The massage chair maintains your privacy and beneficial for those persons who do not like being touched by someone else and do not want to share their privacy with others. People who are suffering sciatic nerve pain and do not want to come into the knowledge of others. When any person utilizes the massage chair can maintain his privacy, but on the other hand, regular physical therapy could not maintain your privacy.


A massage chair gives you constant massage therapy. Because it’s a robot, and it’s movement programmed. On the other hand, physiotherapy cannot be consistent as compared to the massage chair. A trained masseuse can give you a perfect massage. If you have ill-experience of masseuse could not provide you complete enjoyment of physiotherapy. As you know, the therapy sort the various issues of pain and health, but if you met an untrained therapist who could not sort your pain or fail to relax, then the choice of therapy would be wrong.

The inconsistency of massage therapists may not be negative forever. If you have more stress on your shoulders or neck, you will demand more pressure or massage. Although, the massage chair can give you a massage, according to its programming adjustments. 


A massage therapist can customize his therapy according to the desire of the customer. A massage therapist can efficiently assist his customer demand. The massage chair contains six massage techniques, while a therapist might have a hundred massage techniques to satisfy his client.

A massage chair comprises fixed programs and manual functions that you have to adjust on a particular sorted area by setting its depth. A therapist provides you a proper massage by using his expertise on the sorted area to comfort you and adjust his dynamic nature of massage. A therapist who give you response and follows the appreciative technique to provide comfort to you. 

Now, massage chairs are producing with advanced 3D and 4D massage therapy. In 3D massage, the massage rollers do not move upward and downwards and side to side. They give you a deep massage to tissues. While the 4D technology contains an extra movement feature, knows as rhythm. Rhythm shifts the roller’s speed into slow and fast motions to produce the effective speed of rhythm, which you have experience in massage centers.

Massage coverage

A significant difference between the massage chair and a therapist is the coverage of massage. A massage chair gives you a limited amount of coverage. These massage chairs can capture the massage components, more likely the neck and back. Nevertheless, massage technology got a remarkable revolution in airbags. These airbags manage the pain of both sides of shoulders, hips, lower and upper back, thighs, buttocks, arms, hand, calves, and feet.

An airbag reacts, according to compression massage and follows the techniques of inflating and deflating by pressing the ordered areas. Most of these massage chairs follow the advanced technology of massage therapy.  Resultant the airbags techniques become the massage therapy most comprehensive, but still, the physiotherapy has its rank of working. It reacts to your entire body by pointing to the painful area. You can get more massage therapy which a massage chair could not perform. 


Massage Chair vs massage therapist? Therapy is the concern with a massage chair or associated with a therapist. No one can deny its benefits. It captures abundant health benefits, can change your life completely. When you take a massage, it increases your working ability. When your strength and working energy increased, you can perform your tasks efficiently.

May it concerned to your professional life or social life. You get success in every walk of life. A chair massage and physiotherapy both are effective treatments to be relaxed, release stress, and enjoy additional benefits. Physiotherapy is most effective, while in some cases, a therapist is most efficient in his work. But, as time passing the massage chairs are becoming more convenient and advanced. In some hospitals, these massage chairs are performing physiotherapist functions or as medical devices. But human relation in pain and emotions is worthless. A human can understand the human’s problem and pain in respect of a machine. 

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